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Member Name E-mail Membership Type Area Of Expertise City Profile
B. Mahendra Singh Affiliate Member

Finance, Administration, Management

Hyderabad -
B. Mahendra Singh Affiliate Member Hyderabad -
G Nagaraju Individual Member

1. Process Improvement and Operational Efficiency (Six Sigma)
2. Program and Project Management,
3. Business Analytics

Hyderabad -
Mohammed Mushtaq Ali Individual Member

General Management Strategy, Organisation , Marketing, Human Resource Development, International Trade, Management, Supply Management, Management Consulting Processes

Hyderabad -
Alaparti Sudarsana Kumar Individual Member

1. Productivity & HR Consultancy & Training
2. Designing Performance Assessment Systems
3. Organization Restructuring

Hyderabad -
KVP Satish Chandra Affiliate Member

1. General Management,
2. Strategy,
3. Business Operations,
4. Capital Planning,
5. Financial Management,
6. Sales & Relationship Management,
7. Marketing,
8. Administration

Hyderabad -
Mohammed Haseebuddin Affiliate Member

Marketing & Market Research

Hyderabad -
Abdullah Ali Baig Mirza Individual Member

1. Sales & Distribution
2. Training & Development
3. Change Management
4. Communications
5. Brain Storming
6. Problem Solving
7. Visioning
8. Negotiation

Hyderabad -
Uppuluri Venu Individual Member Hyderabad -
K. Suresh Kumar - Affiliate Member

1. Placements/ Executive Search
2. Management Consulting Processes

Hyderabad -
Samuel Nallaraj Individual Member

Management Consulting, Organizational Restructuring, Strategic Leadership, Operations, Techno-economic Feasibility studies,Market analysis, IT Strategy, IT Infrastructure operations

Hyderabad -
Vijaya Badipatla Individual Member

1. Long term Strategy
2. Management Policy
3.Marketing Strategy
4.Study & Market/Research
5. Product/Brand management
6.Sales & Distribution
7. Project Planning & management
8. Governance
9. Planning: Strategic, Business

Hyderabad -
Ramachandra Ankisetti Individual Member

1.Human Resources Development
2. General Management Strategy
3. Organisation
4. Management Consulting Processes

Hyderabad -
Jaswinder Kour Affiliate Member

1. Organisation Development
2. Industrial Relations
3. Marketing Strategy
4. Study & Market/Research
5. Forecasting & Demand Studies
6. Feasibility Studies
7. Costing/Budgeting/Accounts
8. Training & Development
9. Organisation culture Transformation
10. Permormance Appraisals & Management

Hyderabad -
Dinesh Kumar KC Individual Member

1. Marketing 2. Information Technology 3. System 4. Mgmt Consulting Process 5.CRM Consulting 6. Digital Enterprise Strategy 7.Innovation Consulting 8.Branding 9.Marketing and Sales effectiveness 10.Entrepreneurship Consulting for startups

Hyderabad -

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