Global Affiliation

International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)

AICMCI, founded in 1987, promotes a close working relationship between all management consulting institutes or concerns primarily dedicated to the registration or certification of individual management consultants. 

ICMCI is responsible for the development and maintenance of the global Management Consulting Common Body of Knowledge. The Common Body of Knowledge describes the core competencies all consultants must demonstrate. The Common Body of Knowledge is about knowledge and the associated learning and is not a framework for determining competency. This is addressed by the competency framework, the description of which is contained in the body of knowledge.
ICMCI is recognised by the United Nations as a Non Government Organisation (NGO) with special status on consulting issues.
To learn more about our international affiliations & how they can benefit you as a global management consultant visit the ICMCI website at
Global Interaction : In addition to being a member of ICMCI, IMCI is also part of the movement on the regional front that has manifested itself as the Asia Pacific Conference of Management Consultants (APCMC). Biennial conferences are held in one of the participating countries.
In 1989, New Delhi was the venue for the first APCMC. Subsequent conferences were held in Singapore, Australia and Malaysia. IMCI was again host for the fifth APCMC in Chennai in 1997. The last held APCMC was hosted by IMCI at The Taj Krishna Hotel at Hyderabad on the 8th, 9th & 10th of December 2003.
IMCI has today become an effective medium projecting the strength of the Indian management consultancy profession, through its various activities, national as well as international.
CMC RECOGNITION IN 50 COUNTRIES : The Institute of Management Consultants of India (IMCI) has been offering certification services to Management Consultants leading to the award of the CMC® (Certified Management Consultant) since 1998. IMCI is happy to announce having cleared the international audit of the CMC® process conducted by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. This makes the CMC® awarded by IMCI in India reciprocally recognised in 50 countries who are members of ICMCI.

CMC Certification by IMCI is a mark of excellence among all management consultants.  More

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